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All our horses are well trained, so they capable of working with true beginners, as well as experienced riders. We focus on natural and relaxed way of communication of the clients with our horses in order to ensure total safety and comfort for our clients. Every client will be given enough time to get acquainted with their horse as well as soak the positive atmosphere of the stable. Our programme contains the work of preparation of the horse, its combing and saddling. 

Gaston - Toni

Born 17/4/2005, Huculo-fjord - without origin

Gastonek will be 12 years old this year and even though he does not look strong and supple, he really is. He is of fjord-huculo type, not very big (1.55m) He is trained and can work on three footsteps, he has good reactions to sitting of the rider and the voice orders. He is independent and has a unique fair colour with the signs of wild steppe horses. He is perceptive, sensitive and he learns quickly. He likes to attract attention and he also like to have more free time and more food.


Born 10/3/2003, Czech warm-blooded after Časpal Seward

Irenka is a mare with the blood of Motesice Furious and German Hanover horses. She is rather lively, but very nice and trusted. She well trained and she can be easily ridden by children. When being ridden in the country she is active, but a little forward going horse. She also likes to be a group leader, but when needed she knows her place in the group. When she leads the group, she prefers not to wait for the others following her. She is a perfect horse for ladies because she is very gentle and can be easily stopped. 

Opera Kinska

Born 04/06/1999, Horse Kinsky after Almhirt tynsky

Opera is a new acquisition in our stable. It is a mare, which as a young horse was professionally trained and was used in sport competitions. When being ridden in the country or in the riding hall, she is obedient and follows the leading horse without doing anything else. Her walk is very comfortable, which makes her a perfect horse for true beginners. The mare has got to used to living with us and we hope she will deliver a little horse for our stable next year. 


Born 01/2017, Lusitano after Buquino

Nero is a young Lusitan stallion, which joined us from Portugal in the autumn of 2017. It is originally a stallion of toreador line Veiga and he is supposed to be a companion for a little Choco-Chips. Very clever and communicative young boy.


Born 06/2017, Czech warm-blooded after Chicko's Boy

Chip is the first foal born in our stable. It is a beautiful, elegant and lively little stallion with great appetite for pleasures of life. In his first months he learned to lift his legs so he can be cleaned, he also let people give him a halter and he also stood peacefully. He has already had an experience of travelling.  He seems to be a brave little horse which is not afraid of water and even not being scared by a dron. He likes sleeping in a clean straw den.